Glenhaven RFS

Glenhaven members have been busy attending fires, as well as preparing our equipment and community for the season ahead. We recently sent all three of our appliances to a bush fire in North Rocks, and two of our specialist Remote Area Firefighters assisted at the Kangaroo Ridge Fire in Sutherland. We have assisted other Hills Brigades with local Hazard Reductions in Kenthurst and have continued our weekly training sessions.

District Operational Readiness was conducted in October. This is a time when all of our equipment is checked/maintained to ensure it is in top condition. Our members also inspected and flushed 55 hydrants in local Glenhaven streets to ensure they are ready should we need them.

Have you prepared your home for a bush fire? The safest option in a bush fire is always to leave early, well before the fire threatens. If you plan on staying and defending your property, keep this checklist in mind:

• Do you have a Bush Fire Survival Plan?

• Do you know what your triggers are to put your plan into action?

• Is your property well prepared and maintained?

• Are you physically and emotionally prepared to defend your property?

• Do you know what to do before, during and after a bushfire?

• Do you have well maintained firefighting equipment and does everyone planning to stay and defend know how to use it?

• Do you know what you will do if your power goes out?

• Do you have access to water for firefighting like a dam, tank or pool? (Remember town water supplies can fail during emergencies)

• Do you have appropriate personal protective clothing? • Do you have an Emergency Survival Kit? • Do you have a back-up plan?

• What will you do if there isn’t a fire truck nearby?

If there is any doubt in your mind, you should leave early.

General resources about preparing your home can be found on the RFS website For more updates and information about Glenhaven Brigade, follow us on Facebook or email [email protected]