Getting Azra Started on her Journey to Financial Freedom


When Azra Amir first came to meet Findex 15 years ago, she had recently started a new job and had some excess cash flow.

But like a lot of people who have established themselves in a career and are starting to earn some decent income, she didn’t really know what to do next.

As a migrant from Pakistan, Azra was unfamiliar with several financial concepts. Superannuation, capital gains tax and gearing were literally foreign to her! But what Azra had to her advantage was her willingness to start early and ask the right questions.

When we started working with Azra and identified what her goals were, we made recommendations on her modest super balance along with starting a separate instalment gearing strategy outside super. This saw her make an initial investment, to which she added a set amount each month. She also borrowed a similar amount each month to further boost her exposure to growth assets.

15 years later, Azra still has this geared portfolio in place and it has grown significantly during that time. She is also now more focussed on her super – as this has grown to be a significant asset, due to her aggressive investing style, her ongoing employer contributions and her own extra contributions.

Watch Azra’s story to see how Findex helps empower our clients with the tools to write their story the way they want it to be:

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