Feeling Stuck With Knee Pain And Arthritis?

Knee Pain and Knee Osteoarthritis affects between 60-90% of people over the age of 65. It is more common in females than in males (2:1). Sufferers often report:

• Knee pain around the joint
• Pain with activity such as kneeling, squats or stairs.
• Loss of function
• Diminished activity levels

Knee OA is caused by excessive forces placed on the knee, gradually leading to cartilage and joint degeneration of the knee joint.

Certain activities will place more stress on this joint such as:

• Level walking = 3.4x bodyweight
• Stairs = 4.8x bodyweight
• Running = 8-10x bodyweight

The repeated stress can alter the quality of the muscle tissue and joint cartilage, leading to muscular pain and deep joint aches.

To prevent arthritis occurring, it is important that to have enough muscular strength around the knee joint. Keep in mind your knee has to handle up to TEN times your body weight while running!

Physiotherapy treatment can be effective to help you restore tissue quality around your knee, and rebuild the strength around your hip and knee joints to improve function.

Lawrence is your local Physio helping our community stay painfree and healthy. Find him at Activ Therapy Dural in Round Corner [2/16- 18 Kenthurst Road, Dural NSW 2158]. To book an appointment with Lawrence please call (02) 9822 7335 or email [email protected]

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