Explore the Solar System With Hills Symphony Orchestra

solar system

It was three years in the writing, 80 commercial recordings have been made since its first performance, the music has been used in at least four movies, and now, after three years in the planning, the Hills Shire Symphony Orchestra is thrilled to be bringing Gustav Holst’s incredible work The Planets to audiences in The Hills.

Exploring the mystical, symbolic and astrological nature of the planets in our solar system, Holst’s master work written between 1914 and 191, takes us on a journey through life – through war, peace, jollity, magic, and old age – ending with an eerie, misty journey to Neptune, the outermost and most mysterious planet known at the time.

The Hills come alive in September with the much loved Orange Blossom Festival, featuring a range of events for all ages and interests.

Concurrently with the Festival, the Hills Shire Symphony Orchestra will be performing their major concert of the year. Chief Conductor and Artistic Director, Chris Upton said, “ … of the four concerts we present annually this will, without doubt, be the biggest and most exciting for 2022! Our usual group of players will be expanded with additional winds, brass, percussion and, most exciting of all, an offstage choir of women’s voices symbolising the mysticism of Neptune, in the final movement of The Planets.”

Chris is also featured as an arranger in the world premiere that opens the concert. The first work draws the full orchestra into his arrangement of Rachmaninoff’s piano Prelude in C Sharp Minor, and orchestra members are very much looking forward to presenting this fine orchestration for the first time.

Not to be left out, Chris’ wife, Hayley will be exhibiting some wonderful artworks inspired by The Planets. Orchestra member Kayla Flaxman will be displaying her multiple talents as both artist and cellist, and Concertmaster, Dorothy Sercombe’s husband, Richard, a well known local artist, will also be contributing some amazing Planets-inspired pieces. Known collectively as The Artists of Hills Shire Symphony Orchestra, Hayley, Kayla and Richard are offering their works for sale to help support the orchestra in presenting this special concert.

Saturday 10th September promises to be a fabulous day of fun and entertainment in Castle Hill. Orange Blossom Festival family activities begin at 3.00pm in Arthur Whitling Park and will continue on into the evening. Why not join in the fun, enjoy something tasty from the food stalls and then make your way down to the Pioneer Theatre for an evening of music that is ‘out of this world’?

Guests are encouraged to arrive from 7.00pm, to allow time to view the exhibition of ‘Planets inspired’ artworks. There will also be a 15 minute intermission during which the art works will be available for purchase and supper will be served.

But, don’t forget to book your tickets online now as they are sure to sell out quickly for this unique event. Head to:

solar system