Enzos Cucina Dural

Enzos Cucina Dural is a relatively new Italian restaurant led by husband and wife team Sam and Rennee Russo. “Our mission at Enzo’s Cucina is to provide an affordable, friendly and authentic Italian dining environment where the food is traditional, made with love and served in a caring yet professional manner. Our team here strive to always exceed expectations.”

Sam grew up in Dural on his family’s strawberry farm & Rennee grew up in Glenhaven, they have lived in this community their whole lives and they are so happy to be able to share their passion with their local community.

When you visit you may even see their eldest daughter Mia working, it truly has an amazing family vibe.

“We pride ourselves on being a family-run restaurant making homemade Italian food from the freshest ingredients, in a cozy, family-friendly environment.”

They have just released an amazing lunch, dine in special menu offering two courses and a drink for only $45. The portions are extremely generous and this is wonderful value for money!

Visit your local Italian and introduce yourself to Sam & Rennee and let them welcome you to their table

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