Enjoy a Wellbeing Winter Tradition With Family and Friends Around a Fire Pit

Enjoy a Wellbeing Winter Tradition With Family and Friends Around a Fire Pit

To enjoy a campfire experience, you need some fire-starting tools and materials. Start your campfire by layering some fire lighters or newspaper with kindling loosely placed on top. Once alight, progressively lay larger sticks.

• Fire Pit (optional)
• Fire Lighters or Newspaper
• Kindling
• Firewood
• Marshmallows
• Long Sticks or Roasting Sticks
• Shovel
• Bucket of Water

Throughout history in most cultures, fire is a symbol of great significance. There are many benefits of fire. The use of fire as a means for cooking, heating and hunting were some of the first major developments of human civilization. Fire is one of nature’s most essential agents of change and we can find healthy and safe ways to use fire in this capacity.

Gathering around a fire pit can help to promote connections to community and country and bring about feelings of wellbeing and goodwill. Encourage others to join you and spend time outside and connect with each other and nature.

To make it extra enjoyable, try melting marshmallows on a stick or making smores, a campfire dessert with your favourite chocolate and biscuits. Be sure to completely extinguish your fire after usage to prevent wildfires. Do not leave combustible materials unattended when engaging in outdoor activities. An adult should supervise the campfire at all times. We also suggest you keep a bucket of water or hose and shovel nearby.

Fire is an important part of our lives for health, cooking, warmth and survival but we must exercise caution so that we don’t lose control of it. Be fire safe this winter and enjoy this winter wellbeing experience.

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