Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax plays an extremely important role in keeping our ears healthy. Ear wax has antibacterial properties which keeps our ears clean and the thickness stops debris or foreign bodies from entering further into our ear.

However, having excess ear wax can be quite problematic. You may experience an itchy or blocked feeling in your ears. This may also mean that you are not hearing as well as you used to, sometimes ringing in your ears. Hearing aid users are prone to ear wax build-up. A build-up of ear wax in hearing aid user can cause hearing aid feedback, can cause further hearing loss and reduce the effectiveness of the hearing aid by blocking sounds.

If that’s the case, you may need to consult a hearing professional or GP for ear wax removal.

Wax removal can be carried out through the use of instruments, suctioning, irrigation or a combination of all three. This procedure can only be performed by trained Hearing professionals and ENT Surgeons and GPs. It is a minimally invasive, gentle procedure aided by microscopic technology and suction instrumentation, allowing clients to experience maximum benefit. This is also accompanied by a hearing screening and middle ear function test to ensure your hearing hasn’t been compromised by the wax-build up and pick up any incidental hearing loss.

It is important to be aware that traditional methods of ear wax removal, particularly syringing, poses a risk of ear infections, balance issues and eardrum perforation.

Our wax removal services available at our Dural clinic. The removal of your wax blockage can improve your hearing, reduce discomfort in the ears.This cost for wax removal appointment is $90 which includes a hearing screening and middle ear function test.

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