Make Your Pool Sparkle this Summer

With the warm weather approaching, temperatures are going to steadily increase and we want to make sure your pool is not only sparkling and inviting but ready to jump into as well.

Here are Dural Pool Shop’s” preseason tips to ensure that you and your pool have a smooth and trouble free transition into summer!

1. Preseason water test – there is a big difference in the balance of chemicals when the sun starts introducing heat into your pool. By getting a water test before the heat begins we can ensure that the balance between chlorine and acid which is what is going to ensure your pool stays blue is at its optimal levels. Add a stabiliser into that dynamic duo and have peace of mind your chlorine isn’t evaporating too quickly.

2. Checking your equipment – through winter we talk about minimising run time of your pump and filter, with spring and summer kicking in now’s the time to up that run time from 4-6 hours up to 8-10 hours depending on the size of your pool. Be sure to check for anything unusual or irregular when it comes to your pump, filter and sanitising system, we want to ensure your pool stays blue and not give algae a reason to call your pool home.

3. Making sure your pool is safe and secure – Ensuring the safety and security of everyone is easily achieved by thoroughly inspecting all gate hinges, latches, and fencing. Additionally, Make sure that a visible and up to date CPR sign is in place.

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