Dural Croquet Champion

Congratulations to Dural resident David Capple, the winner of the 2023 Golf Croquet Open Championship at Cheltenham Recreation Club.

David and several other residents of Dural and Glenorie are members of the Cheltenham Recreation Club Golf Croquet section, opposite Cheltenham railway station. As well as croquet the club hosts Lawn Bowls and Tennis.

We also have Molly’s Pavillion Cafe which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday. It is also available for private parties and functions.

Dural Croquet Champion: A Champion for Everyone
Dural Croquet Champion

Croquet is not a well known sport. It’s a wonderful game, not physically demanding, yet tactical and so great for the brain.

David has played a lot of snooker in his time so is good at knowing at which angle to hit the ball. This is also a great game for people who can no longer play tennis or golf but would still like to play an outdoor competitive sport. It is also wonderful for anyone who would like to meet new people and enjoy a beautiful environment.

If you’re interested in learning to play croquet, the club offers an introductory course of 2 lessons for 2 hours @ $10.00 each and then come along and play 3 times at $10.00 each (this is for lawn fees). Contact Ann Woods: 0439 470 789 or Cheryl Fell: 0408 233 002. All equipment is supplied.