Discover Parramatta History

In earlier times Parramatta played an important part in the lives of those in our area and in the surrounding countryside. In February, for the opening of this year’s DDHS speaker program, renowned historian and guide Judith Dunn OAM will tell us about the colourful and interesting lives of some significant but lesser-known Parramatta personalities. Judith (pictured) will also share other miscellaneous historical facts about Parramatta.

Judith’s talk will be a precursor to an upcoming society tour of Parramatta where we’ll have the chance to see the changes and restoration taking place in this important heritage city. During the year we are proposing other tours, including an overnight visit to the Lithgow region and a day tour of historic sites in our local area.

Courtesy of the Galston Uniting Church, our meetings and talks are held in the church, School Road, Galston, at 2pm on the second Saturday of each month. We have a fascinating range of talks planned for the rest of the year, including one on Foster’s Waterhole in March. Please contact Judy Horton (0419 604 701) if you have any memories of the waterhole you’d like to share.

Judith Dunn’s Parramatta talk will be held on Saturday 11th February at 2pm in the Galston Uniting Church.All are welcome to come along to hear the talk, enjoy afternoon tea, meet the speaker and chat with other friendly locals.

For enquiries please contact Michael 9653 1365 or Judy 0419 604 701.