Dealing With Anxiety in a Post-pandemic Era

Feeling anxious in certain situations can help us avoid danger, it’s how we’ve evolved to keep ourselves safe. Even if you are not typically an anxious person, it’s common to feel some anxiety during periods of change or uncertainty.

If you’re feeling anxious or worried during this time, you’re not alone. Anxiety is normal, and in some cases it can be helpful. For example, research during past pandemics show that people who worry are more likely to do the things that help to keep the virus at bay, like frequent handwashing.

However, sometimes anxiety can be unhelpful. Here are some practical ways that you can keep feelings of anxiety at bay if you are starting to feel overwhelmed.

1 Channel your anxious energy into action: get informed, plan, and prepare We often feel anxious when events feel out of our control, and when we think we don’t have the capacity, skills or ability to cope. Anxiety tricks us into thinking about the worst-case scenarios in vivid and frightening detail.

2 Limit or avoid unhelpful media and misinformation Being exposed to constant, alarming, anxiety-inducing stories convinces us that there is something to panic about, and further perpetuates myths, rumours, misinformation, uncertainty and anxiety.

3 Cut down or stop the behaviours that are fuelling your anxiety There are certain actions, when performed frequently, that can fuel anxiety about health, and germ-phobia. Focusing too much on bodily symptoms, and relying on “Dr Google”, can consume one with anxious thoughts and panic.

4 Stay focused on the here and now, taking each day step by step Try to focus on the here and now- not the past and not the future. Live in the moment and take one day at a time.

5 Be aware of negative thoughts and don’t give them too much power Just because we’re thinking something, doesn’t always mean it’s true. When you notice yourself worrying a lot, take a step back, and try to let worries pass by without focussing on them too much.

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About Dural Family Medical Practice
Dural Family Medical Practice is a well-established medical practice that has proudly served multiple generations of locals from the Hills and beyond for over 30 years.

In August 2021, Dr Christopher Chang took over as Practice Principal, to continue the legacy of providing comprehensive, patient-centred medical care for which the practice has been renowned for many years.

“Being a GP is a calling and a vocation close to my heart that never ceases to bring me joy. The opportunity to walk alongside individuals and families in the journey of life, looking after their health, is a huge privilege. Medicine, and in particular general practice, allows doctors to exercise the art of really getting to understand and know an individual, their unique lived experiences, their goals, their fears, and what makes them tick, and what motivates them.”

“And this is what gets me excited each day – that as GP’s, we get to apply evidence-based medical science, using a “bio-psychosocial framework”, to listen carefully, diagnose, treat and care for a unique person, over many, many years. What an honour to get to do this every day! Witnessing the brevity and fragility of life on a day-to-day basis makes me treasure the things that really matter in life – relationships, family, and serving others.”

The vision of DFMP is to provide holistic, traditional General Practice healthcare. As a mixed-billing practice, the doctors work closely alongside our multidisciplinary team which includes physiotherapy, psychology, chiropractor, dietician, pathology collection, podiatry, and of course, our lovely, experienced practice nurses.

With a visiting in-house cardiologist and surgeon, the practice aspires to be your “medical home” to serve all your physical, mental and preventative health needs, through the various seasons of life.

We look forward to caring for you and your family, Dr Christopher Chang and the entire DFMP Team