“Posting & Boasting” Break-in Could Happen in Your Home

As Ward C Hornsby Shire Councillor, I attend the bi-annual Community Safety Precinct Committee Meetings, hosted by Ryde Police Area Command (RPAC), and accompanied by Mayor Philip Ruddock.

These meetings provide updates on emerging crimes, community safety and crime statistics.

In 2023, we were advised young offenders were breaking into homes in our area, stealing car keys, taking vehicles on a ‘joyride’, posting Instagram images of the high speeds of the vehicles stolen and then selling, dumping or burning the vehicle.

Shortly after this meeting, a local resident woke to discover his new 4WD had been stolen. On examining camera footage around his home, he saw six men, dressed in black with balaclavas, scaling walls around his home during the night.

One man entered the home by squeezing through a small dog door in the laundry. Our resident was horrified to see all the men then enter and walk around the house whilst his family slept.

He saw his car keys being picked up from the kitchen bench, his laptop and watch being taken, and his car driven away. He immediately contacted the Police, his car was fortunately tracked and recovered but items taken from the home were never located.

The media refer to this type of crime as ‘posting and boasting.’ Police suggest we must maintain responsible trust to ensure our safety in the home, the safety of our possessions and security of our vehicles. We must ensure all windows and doors are locked at night.

If possible, keep vehicles locked in the garage and car keys should always be under your mattress when you go to bed – never leave car keys on the kitchen bench!

If you have any concerns or issues where I may assist, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]