Northholm Grammar – best performing co-educational schools in the Hills District

Congratulations to the Northholm Grammar Class of 2020 on achieving a remarkable result of 61 st position in the NSW HSC Rankings, making Northholm the best performing non-selective, co-educational school in the Hills District.

The extraordinary performance is an improvement of 52 positions from last year (113 th ), an exceptional jump from 247 th in 2018. Northholm’s standing as a leading school in the Sydney metropolitan area is reflected in highlights including:

  • 85% of students gaining at least one Band 5 or Band 6.
  • 55% of students gaining at least one Band 6.
  • 92% of courses achieved above State Average marks.

These achievements would not be possible without the effort, determination and teamwork of the 2020 Year 12 cohort, supported by our dedicated staff, parents and community. With the global pandemic heavily influencing their final year, our students were superb in meeting all challenges, including the postponement of significant rites of passage and the sudden adjustment to remote learning, with enormous resilience and character.

Northholm is driven by a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning. ‘Learning through scholarship’ encourages intellectual rigour and independent thinking and values academic study and achievement. ‘The Northholm Way’ is focused on a broad education, allowing students to grow as individuals and find their passions so they can lead a well-rounded life and contribute to a thriving society.

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