Chicken is Australia’s Most Affordable Protein

Chicken is Australia's Most Affordable Protein
Lenard Poulter, Founder, Owner and CEO of Lenard’s Chicken

Chicken is Australia’s most affordable protein

A long-established Australian poultry company Lenard’s is doing its bit to ensure chicken maintains its status as the country’s most affordable protein.

 Lenard’s, famous for its family-favourite handmade chicken products, says its innovative “hero on the plate” concept is helping to combat the ever-increasing cost of living and eliminating wastage, by offering ready-made products.

“Customers feel like they are still cooking a home-based meal, we just make it easier and more affordable whilst ensuring it’s a special meal for the family.”

 It’s a well-known fact that chicken is Australia’s favourite protein with 10 million chickens consumed nationally each week.

 “Chicken has the lowest environmental footprint of all meats, and is the least expensive form of meat protein,” said Lead Researcher and Executive Director of the Centre for Global Food and Resources at the University of Adelaide, Professor Wendy Umberger.

 Made with 100% Australian healthy barn-raised chickens, with no added hormones or steroids, Lenard’s is proudly Australian-owned.