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Operating since 1987, an award winning business, Cherrybrook Travel caters to the needs of all customers in order to facilitate wonderful, memorable experiences.

A trip to Japan has had a lot of interest, so Cherrybrook Travel have a few tips. First, embrace the rich cultural tapestry by mastering basic Japanese phrases; locals appreciate the effort.

Respect local customs, like bowing and removing your shoes indoors. Cash is still king, so have yen on hand. Lastly, indulge in Japanese etiquette—wait for everyone to receive their meal before starting, a gesture appreciated in this culture.

For a limited time only Cherrybrook Travel have created ‘Japan, The Silversea Way’ 14 Days adventure, departs 1 October, 2024.

You will take in some of Japan’s most intriguing destinations aboard Silver Nova. Start with a day at sea to relax, before Osaka beckons you. Enjoy Hiroshima next, before being seduced by the heady cocktail of hot springs, gourmet food, abundant nature and spiritual history in Kyushu Island. Then South Korea, followed by an overnight in Kanazawa. Aomori, Hakodate and a day at sea complete your cruise.

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