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By Stefanie Visser

School holidays – bliss! I hope you all had a great Easter.

Since I haven’t received any further replies that are actually meaningful, can I direct your attention to the below website by our local motorbike and road cyclist, Susanna Mills -> transport-in-hornsby-the-hills

Susanna has done a phenomenal amount of research and I would urge you to read her blog please – it is a really interesting read which fits in perfectly with our return to term 2 next week.

My question to the Hills Shire Councils Manager – Asset Management, Traffic and Parks – as to what exactly has been done to improve footpaths, crossings etc, bike safety /paths and to improve access to schools IN OUR AREA was answered in the usual, general fashion:

Schools in our area have benefitted from the Councils funding as well as grants in the past and that the Council also undertakes “regular reviews of the operation of ‘Kiss and Drop’ zones outside schools in conjunction with school principals and parent representative groups”.


Changing lanes: When changing lanes, you must give way to vehicles in the lane you’re moving into.

Changing lanes when a lane ends: When the lane you’re driving in is ending and you need to cross a broken line to move into another lane, you must give way to vehicles already in that lane If a vehicle is moving into your lane, you should leave a suitable gap.

When a car is crossing a broken line to change into another lane (Car A), it must give way to vehicles already in that lane (Car B) handbook-english.pdf

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