Cattai Ridge Rd Repaired

By Diana Paton
We would like to thank Dr Peter Gangemi – Mayor of The Hills Shire Council and workers at The Hills Shire Council for their amazingly quick work in fixing Cattai Ridge Rd near the bridge. It was damaged on Tuesday by flood waters.

As reported today by the Mayor “Council staff and contractors worked throughout the night to restore the road that had been severely washed away, making it impassable. More work may be required once the wet weather has subsided and the road conditions reassessed.

In the meantime, Council will continue to monitor this section of road to ensure the wet weather doesn’t further impact the recent repairs.

Please also be careful on our roads, as some are still affected by flooding and the wet weather is predicted to continue for another nine days. Please also follow the warnings, plan ahead (use Live Traffic to check for incidents) and use alternative routes where possible. Never enter flood waters as they pose a significant drowning risk.

I would also like to thank Council Officers, contractors, emergency crews and volunteers for all their work throughout the shire during this recent spate of bad weather. It’s never an easy task working long hours in extreme weather conditions, but they are doing a superb job to make sure properties remain secure, roads are intact and the people of The Hills are safe.”