Stop the Itch

Summer… sun, sweat and itchy dogs. An occasional scratch is normal but when scratching is constant; involves licking, chewing, a rash, hair loss, or malodour, then action needs to be taken. Here at Petstock Vet Dural, our experienced nursing team can recommend the most appropriate external parasite preventatives. Paralysis ticks have been particularly prevalent this […]

Where Pets Are Family


PETSTOCK VET DURAL During the 2020 pandemic, many people worked from home or found themselves isolated, jobless, stressed or anxious. It is well-documented that pets can improve mental health and encourage people to exercise and find focus. Who looks after the pet though? That’s where an experienced and caring veterinary team can be invaluable. Dr […]

Sniffspace: A Safe Haven For Dogs


By Bev Jordan Tracey Horey is passionate about rescue dogs and animal welfare in general and is also a successful digital consultant with three businesses. Her newest venture is combining her skillset with her passion that is centred around canine wellbeing. is a new platform that she and business partner Jignesh Patel have built […]