From Boss Steel Edging


Here at Langlands, we stock all the Form Boss Steel Edging products. Lengths, rings, planter boxes and firepits. We have the size and type of edging to accommodate every individual’s desires. Our [...]

From Boss Steel Edging2021-10-03T18:57:06+11:00

Hidden in the Hills – Tree Ferns


BY LACHLAN TURNER   The (Lacy) Tree Ferns (Cyathea cooperi) is the more spectacular of these two related species - the other being (Rough) Tree Fern (Cyathea australis). Both prefer a moist, [...]

Hidden in the Hills – Tree Ferns2021-09-07T22:24:55+11:00

Porter’s Road Fire Trail Walk


CONTRIBUTED BY LACHLAN TURNER To commence this walk it is necessary to first drive to the northern end of Porters Road Kenthurst until a locked gate is reached. Adequate parking is available. [...]

Porter’s Road Fire Trail Walk2021-08-09T22:08:13+11:00



Magnolias will make a spectacular feature in your garden either planted as a single specimen or in a group planting. They are in abundance at the nursery now and there is a [...]


Bare Root Season is Here


It is the perfect time to select and plant a deciduous tree in your garden. Deciduous trees are dormant during winter making them easy to transport and plant without any fuss. They [...]

Bare Root Season is Here2021-07-05T16:42:34+11:00

The Platypus Hub- Hidden in the Hills


BY LACHLAN TURNER A recent innovation at the Community Environment Centre in Currie Avenue at Annangrove has been the establishment of the “PLATYPUS HUB”. This is an initiative in conjunction with the [...]

The Platypus Hub- Hidden in the Hills2021-07-05T16:51:07+11:00

A Complete Plant Addiction


The Bromeliad Society of Australia will hold their next meeting at the Federation Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground on Saturday, 12 June, with plant sales commencing at 10 am, followed by the meeting [...]

A Complete Plant Addiction2021-06-16T16:35:03+11:00

Firewood Time


LANGLANDS LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES PTY LTD It seems Winter has begun. With cold nights and cooler days – it’s certainly fire time. We have our Premium Hardwood Firewood from the Putty here in [...]

Firewood Time2021-06-16T17:03:48+11:00
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