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Here at Langlands, we stock all the Form Boss Steel Edging products. Lengths, rings, planter boxes and firepits.

We have the size and type of edging to accommodate every individual’s desires. Our edging comes in 8 different profile heights, four contrasting finishes and 3 different gauges. If it is long sweeping bends or nice straight clean lines that you are after, we have the product to suit.

All our edging is 2.4 metres in length, small enough for a single person to handle but long enough to be efficient when installing. All steel edging comes with a 10 year guarantee, but an expected life span of between 25-40 years.

Redcor® Steel Redcor steel is fast becoming the most popular of our steel edging finishes. Not only does Redcor steel have a long life expectancy, but its slight variation in colour and appearance also makes for spectacular viewing.

Redcor steel develops a protective layer on its surface when exposed to the weather eliminating the need for painting or galvanising.

Once exposed to the elements it can take anywhere from 4-16 weeks to achieve that nice rustic appearance.

Redcor can be used as a feature item or to blend into your existing designs

Galvanised Steel Edging
The most cost-effective of our four finishes. Our galvanised steel is mild steel that is hot dipped to ensure it handles the harsh Australian climate.

Galvanised steel has a matte grey appearance and will lighten over time. Galvanised steel is almost grey in appearance and will blend into any type of environment.

As galvanised steel is completely neutral in colour it will not take the focus off other features in your garden, instead of accentuating your existing landscape.

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