Galston Concerts: Spanish Magic

Galston Concerts: Spanish Magic

The Galston Concerts in Galston Uniting Church continue Sunday afternoon 23rd June when international guitarist Andrew Blanch offers a Mediterranean and South American musical tour. Andrew will feature Venice with a guitar concerto, in bubbly Baroque style, by Antonio Vivaldi (of ‘Four Seasons’ fame) before music with Spanish flair from Asturias, Granada and Seville. The […]

Heavenly Harps at Galston Concerts

Sunday afternoon 28 May in Galston Uniting Church sees Sydney Symphony Principal Harp alumna Louise Johnson performing for The Galston Concerts. A star of the harp world – we do mean ‘world’ after travels and triumphs over many years, including SSO’s many overseas tours – Louise will share The Harp’s Journey, her program of Classical […]

Galston Concerts Presenting ‘Folk With Flair’

Galston Concerts

The Galston Concerts continue Sunday 23 May with a European Travel Bubble – at a bargain price and no jetlag! Sydney’s 24-member Balalaika Orchestra will transport the Galston audience to Russia and Eastern Europe in a one-hour program of waltzes, other dances, Russian and gypsy songs, starting 2 pm in Galston Uniting Church. Talented young […]