Buying Property During The Summer Festive Period

Property & You – By Paul Mckenzie, ABS Conveyancing

The Summer festive period is a time for annual breaks and holidays. For some couples and families, it is the only time, during a busy year, to decide if they wish to buy and move.

A handful of good active Agents and Professionals do work from home during the festival break, at call with their mobile phones and laptop computers. Try your luck contacting a Pro Active Agent to organise a private inspection with a Keen Seller, who is available during the business days, during the summer festival break.

ABS Conveyancing is available during the summer festival period, with our mobile phones and laptop computers, for any conveyancing work required to be done, prior to the first full business week in January, after new year.

We also have a good network of professionals, such as mortgage brokers, who also can assist during the festival break.

ABS Conveyancing wishes all their readers, clients,
and stakeholders a very Merry Christmas.
Best wishes and regards for 2022!

Warmest and best regards,
Paul and Sony/ABS Conveyancing.

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