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COVID -19 is undoubtedly a force of its own and running like a bull in a china shop over our best-laid plans and strategies. There is no doubt that the past 12 months have been a challenge, just to hold on in many cases. Local Ideas

One of the most significant changes in the shift to working from home, which we have covered in previous issues. While working from home lends itself to certain types of business, if you are in retail or hospitality, in particular, this becomes very challenging.

For our area that has a large proportion of small businesses, it is of utmost importance to do our best to keep them viable through these troubling times.

Many of our small businesses have online sites or, better still, have gift cards that can be readily purchased via the Internet and provides some cash flow in the short term. In many cases, these businesses support our local sporting teams with trophies, gifts for fundraisers and team sponsorship.

As a community, we should buy local wherever possible or at least buy some gift vouchers, which is a simple way to help our community.

There is no question that businesses and families are challenged with no simple answer other than supporting each other and being safe.

If your business has gift cards, please let our Chamber know, and we will promote them on our Facebook page or Instagram for all to see. Contact Mark Coupar [email protected] mob 0497 014 950

Local Ideas