Business Gift Giving – Make Your Gift Count

As we approach Christmas (I’m sure we all have mixed views on this for 2021!), business gift-giving is something that often comes to mind. Whether it’s to employees, customers, referral partners or other business connections, how do we ensure we make our gift count?

It’s the thought that counts
So make sure the thought DID count! What thought went into your gift? Are you giving en masse or to a few people? Obviously, when the number of recipients is low we really have no excuse for giving a tacky thought-free gift.

Timing of gifts
Do you need to give the gift at Christmas like everyone else? Sometimes it pays to be different and stand out by giving a gift randomly and when least expected!

Sustainability of gifts
Consider what you’re buying and whether it will really be used. Especially if you’re planning on making a promo item. Does the recipient really want to market your business on a cap, or a bag? If you must do, make it something like a reusable shopping bag everyone needs!

Offer a gift
A real estate agent used to send a card on your house buying anniversary, offering house sales data and a free bottle of wine to pick up from their office. This meant they could offer a better quality of wine as they didn’t need to spend on post and packing. But it also meant if someone didn’t want it they didn’t get it. Not a bad plan?

Support local
After the rough year we’ve had, find local businesses you can support! You’ll make the recipient and the local business happy!

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