Biomimicry and the Living World – Hills Grammar Investigates

Hills Grammar is celebrating many things this term – students returning to campus, their online HSC Showcase, Year 6 hosting their Expo – and the excitement of going global for our deep teaching innovations!

The Year 6 teaching team of Jannine Walker, Kellee Edwards, Joanne Lawson, Liz Gosper and Rachel Sommer, have excelled at providing an extraordinary learning experience throughout the extended period of Distance Learning.

As part of their science topic — Living World – Year 6 are focusing on the growth and survival of living things and how their adaptations overtime suit their environment. Through their study, they have further developed their knowledge and understanding of the environmental and biological sciences, as well as developing the all-important 21st Century skill of Critical Thinking.

Investigating the big idea of ‘Inspiration can be drawn from nature’s wisdom to solve or improve local, national or global needs’, Year 6 have been zooming in on biomimicry.

The end goal is for the students to design and create a prototype that has drawn inspiration from strategies or adaptations used by species to solve or enhance a local, national or global need.

A myriad of experts has been inspiring students, including Distinguished Professor Michael Gillings, Chief Investigator with the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Synthetic Biology, within the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Macquarie University. The culmination of the term-long project is an online Expo, where students will have the opportunity to “pitch” their ideas and prototypes to a panel of experts and staff.

The program has been so successful that the team – represented by Jannine, Kellee and Liz – have partnered with the Association of Independent Schools to present at the Global Deep Learning Lab, in November.

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