Locks of Loving Kindness Two Boys Shining Bright – Supporting Wigs4Kids

In a world that is often eclipsed by self-pursuit, it has been inspiring to see the bright light of loving kindness breaking through the dawn of difficulty.

At Pacific Hills Christian School, brothers Brayden (Year 9) and Quinn (Year 7) have truly embodied a profound sense of kindness through their commitment to help children living with cancer.

Their remarkable story began with a desire to make a difference in the lives of children battling cancer. Brayden and Quinn recently completed an extraordinary mission.

They grew their hair for several years with a heart-warming purpose; to help sick children in need. Speaking with their mother, Mrs Tracey Frendo, it was clear that the boys’ have a deep sense of compassion. Mrs Frendo said, “Right from an early age both boys expressed their desire to make a difference in the lives of sick children.”

For children facing unimaginable challenges, this act of kindness will have a positive impact. Mrs Frendo commented “I don’t think the boys truly grasp the gravity of their actions.”

As Brayden and Quinn prepared to part with their ‘locks of loving kindness’, their message was simple, “We’re cutting our hair to donate it to help sick kids throughout Australia”.

Brayden and Quinn had their lovely locks cut off and donated it to the Kids with Cancer Foundation supporting Wigs4Kids. These handcrafted wigs boost the confidence and dignity of young cancer patients.

Brayden and Quinn raised an impressive $645.00 to support children in need.

The brothers used their ‘locks of loving kindness’ to shine brightly into the dark corners of adversity, making the path of children with cancer just that bit better