Tips For Choosing the Best Freshest Fruit & Veg at The Lowest Price!

It is without doubt that the choice of fruit and vegetables these days can be a bit tricky. At Mint Fresh IGA they hand select the best quality produce from growers who deliver to Sydney Markets, then they transport it immediately to their Mint Fresh IGA stores, so our customers can receive the freshest fruit and vegetables available at the best prices.

Try to compare Mint Fresh IGA produce to other major supermarkets. Look at apples, they should be deep colours, shiny, crispy, juicy, tasty and lasting. Compared to pale colour, small size, flowery, and short life. Currently mandarins are in season. You want hard, juicy, flavoursome mandarins, not spongy, small, and poor tasting. Try one and taste the difference.

In September Aussie mangoes will come into season. The best variety are Kensington Pride (KP), these will be the best tasting and satisfying to eat.

Avocadoes can vary dramatically in quality. There are three things to look for: variety, flavour, and the size. The best variety are Hass avocados. Don’t buy small size avocadoes, you’re wasting your money as you are paying for seed mainly, too large are not good either, as the flavour is less intense and they do not keep once cut. Mint Fresh IGA provides medium size Hass avocadoes with great flavour, hand-picked for your table.

Mint Fresh IGA have a great special on avocadoes in September 3 for $2, so drop by Mint Fresh IGA and compare the difference. Located at Westleigh Village – Shop 5-6, 4/8 Eucalyptus Drive, Westleigh.