Aussie Fights Climate Change

Australian Pump Industries is hard at work helping to combat global floods, drought and fire. Whether it’s floods in the South Sudan or fires in Algiers, Spain or California, their products are there!

“Our preoccupation is to build the best pumps in the world and offer them with free extended warranties and at reasonable prices”, said Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales. “Whether it’s 6” trash pumps with 80 hp diesel engines being air freighted to the Sudan floods, saving villages, livestock and human lives, or firefighting pumps, like our Aussie Fire Chief, to help saves homes in Texas, California and right here in Australia”, he said.

The company has had a frantic year combating the extreme weather events, on a global basis.

“Hills and Hawkesbury folk should be aware that after the floods and excessive rain, we’ve seen a huge growth of fuel. It only takes three days of 35 degree plus temperatures to turn that fuel into serious bushfire danger”, said Hales.

Aussie has the answer. Call for your free Bushfire Survival Guide. Aussie Pumps is based at Castle Hill and are an expanding company. They need fitters, storeman, salespeople and admin staff.

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