Asking For Help isn’t a Cop Out

As we wind up and then down for Christmas, many business owners consider whether the Christmas break is actually a break up with their business. Have you asked for help before you make any decisions? Consider whether some help could change your outlook and your business trajectory.

Being a NSW Government-funded Business Connect Advisor, I see hundreds of businesses each year, and also see requests for help in Facebook groups.

Some of these people appear to be genuinely asking for help, but when they receive suggestions, or whom to reach out to, there is no contact made or action taken.

For instance, months ago a woman asked for help in a group, and a number of suggestions were made, including using the Business Connect service. She’s announced she’s selling inventory because of closing her business. I looked, and she hadn’t used the free services available.

If you’re struggling, and even if you're not, asking for help is a good thing! Receive the help, implement what you need to and discard the rest.

There's a saying, coaches need coaches. Look at famous sports people, they all have coaches, if not multiple coaches, trainers, medical people etc.

So before you take drastic action, think about contacting myself or another Business Connect Advisor, and see if there’s anything we can identify with you to boost your business. Look up Business Connect Advisors or email me: [email protected].

Have a great Christmas and we’ll see you 2023, which let’s hope is the reset we all need.