Are Your Blocked Sewers Causing Ongoing Problems?

When your drains become blocked, they can cause nasty smells, water damage and health issues in your home or business.

At Nuflow Blacktown and Hills District, Dane and his qualified team of drain specialists are experts in fixing blocked sewers and stormwater systems. Using the latest technology and equipment to identify the exact location of the blockage to resolve the issue quickly and thoroughly.

To fix your drainage problems, they use a range of processes and tools, which are constantly being refined and tested for improvements by their national research and development team.

Your Nuflow pipe relining specialists service the local hills and surrounds. They are committed to providing stress-free, tailored solutions to fix all types of blocked drains including:

• Blocked toilets
• Blocked shower drains
• Blocked sinks
• Blocked stormwater and sewer drains


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