Arcadian Quilting News

This month we are looking forward to seeing Andrea Blackford and Bella from the Assistance Dogs programme.

During their last visit Bella proved to be a ‘big hit’ stealing the show as they arrived at our quilting meeting.

None of our enthusiastic welcoming helped with the ‘training’ of Bella who is still a young dog under supervision – SO a note-to-self this time… no attempted patting of the beautiful canine visitor.

We will be giving Andrea quilts for some of the younger clients within their programme and we hope the familiar and tactile effects of a quilt will add to the wellbeing of a child or a young adult’s life. (See picture below)

Members recently attended a Saturday ‘workshop’ held at our home venue where they were able to create the foundations for several new quilting projects giving us a great start for this year’s collection of Community Quilts.

An idea born during those long Covid days has now become a ‘new way’ for us to work together, creating an opportunity to replenish our stock of quilts.

Projects we can each contribute towards in our own time and from our own fabrics at home. We then very successfully mix, match and combine our work to create new quilts with fresh colours and clever designs.

We are now enjoying a full complement of members, having again welcomed several more new ladies to our ‘team’ – it’s wonderful to feel the energy in our room and hear the ‘buzz of work in progress’… so a big WELCOME to each of our new members.

Arcadian Quilters meet on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays of each month commencing at 9.30am. Our venue is the Community Health Centre, The Glade, Galston.

For further information about our group please call Carole on 9894 7749.