Arcadian Quilters

Am I the only one noticing the weeks whizzing by? Who ever said that these days were never-ending….spare time

I know, I know …. everyone of us really, and so very many more in every community!

There is only so much gardening, cooking, cleaning which we do, have done and don’t ever want to do again!

So … use up some of that precious spare time; send a friend a hug; make that phone call … pass this heartwarming picture along …. it’s just too beautiful to keep it all to yourself!

I found my solution to this spare time dilemma quite by accident and it is now taking up that precious time plotting and planning and preparing an activity for the next weekend ahead.

I have an opportunity to pretend to be “a teacher” to two of my grandsons. Being part of ‘the village which raises a child’ in our family I have undertaken to FaceTime two of our young boys (6 and 8 yrs old) on weekends by teaching them, through craft and drawing to create stories of their own.

This coming weekend for example we are going to make hand puppets. Using only whatever is available in their home, plus glue and coloured pens and pencils and lots of imagination!

I now hold in awe our educators … even more than ever before!

The planning which must go into teaching whole classes, whole years, large schools etc etc … these wonderful, caring, creative men and women are to be admired.

The school holidays couldn’t have arrived at a better time – perhaps for everyone. Homeschooling and the struggling parents deserve a BIG tick from me.

The school holiday break during very awkward times will allow school families and weary teachers some time-out!

Time to stop; catch one’s breath; look forward to moving towards something different / perhaps a more manageable future plan nearer to the way we were; more freedom for face-to-face learning which the school community would welcome?

The President along with members continues to keep our group motivated with ideas for shared quilts, with humour, with hope for future possible meetings together (which will always include a great morning tea) and like our wonderful school teachers and students … we will welcome that face-to-face interaction ASAP.

Remember, look out for your pals, share encouragement with a smile, a wave, a note in a friend’s letterbox and above all stay well and stay safe .

While we ALL wait, follow along with our news, keep in touch …. Carole can be contacted on 9894 7749.