All-Round Excellence At Oakhill College

Well known for its all-round excellence, Oakhill College once again excels academically, achieving excellent results in the 2020 HSC.

At the start of 2020, Oakhill College students and staff were asked to Act Justly to dream big, to set goals, and work hard to achieve their personal best. If ever there was a year to demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity, 2020 was the year. This cohort has demonstrated true GRIT – having courage and resolve, and a strength of character, and persistence for challenges, and what a year of challenges this cohort has faced.

The success of the 2020 cohort can be attributed to a personal story of commitment and dedication from each and every student at the College. As a school community, we are extremely proud of each student’s achievement.

Edward Joseph will be awarded College Dux for achieving the highest ATAR score for Oakhill College of 99.55. Our high ATAR achievers also include: Holly McDonell – 99.0, Adam McGill – 98.80, Joshua Ramos – 98.65, Olivia Pratt – 98.25, Broden Suffern – 98.1 and Tiarne Tighe – 98.1. Oakhill had 51 students with an ATAR over 90 and 16 students with an ATAR over 95.

Five Oakhill College students received ‘All-Rounder Awards’ in the 2020 HSC receiving a Band 6 in all subjects: Nathaniel Deitch, Edward Joseph, Olivia Pratt, Joshua Ramos and Tiarne Tighe; 54% of all grades were Band 5 or 6 compared with the State rate of 40%; and the number of students achieving Band 1 or 2 was only 2.9% compared to the State rate of 10.9%; 80% (40 out of the 50 courses offered) had means above the State average.

Congratulations to Grant Brennan who received a 5th in the State for Entertainment Industry VET Course – a tremendous achievement.

Oakhill College provides students with a breadth of opportunities to demonstrate their abilities, both academically, as well as in terms of external achievement and service, making them a highly sort after graduate.

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