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I grew up in Annangrove and Kenthurst, my parents a Scottish Mother and a Welsh father were trail blazers! Mum a dress maker and Dad a technician, decided to move from Maroubra with their two young daughters to Annangrove after purchasing a Poultry Farm.

I am sure it was hard work for mum running the farm day to day while Dad went on to pursue a career as an executive in the emerging technology field.

We had fabulous times with our horses, sheep, dogs, cats and of course our chickens roaming through our orchards. Mum made the best of it by installing surround sound music in our chook sheds. She was great fun and way ahead of her time!

Eventually the farm was sold and we headed to Porters Rd Kenthurst with our menagerie and a little brother! We were Schooled locally at Kenthurst and then Galston High, always involved in local sport, Squash at Dural being a family favourite that continues to this day!

Like Dad, I worked in the field services & technology sector, this is where I honed my skills for recruiting, placing hundreds of people with the right skills and culture in the right roles. Everything from admin, contact centre, field services and management.

Recognising that the mature worker was often overlooked when applying for work, sometimes feeling invisible. I decided to specialise in the recruitment of people 45 and over.

Promoting the value of hiring mature workers which statics show are; more reliable, less likely to have workplace injury, less absenteeism, generate better return on training investments as more likely to stay in the job (retaining company intelligence), improve workplace morale, have life experience to draw on to name a few!

My job is extremely rewarding and fun, I meet amazing people both employers and candidates. So next time you are looking to recruit a new staff member, why don’t you give ART a try!

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