7 Tips To Choose The Right Mobility Scooter

There are many of us who are not able to enjoy this beautiful season out and about simply because our body is not able to cope up with our mind and heart. There is no reason to feel disappointed. One could enjoy same or better mobility by equipping oneself with a mobility scooter or a power chair.

First and foremost, discuss this matter with your GP and family members before proceeding to buy or hire one. Here are the important questions you must ask.

1. Is it a Power Chair or Mobility Scooter? This will depend on several factors and mostly on the physical ability of the user and where it would be used. A power chair would be ideal for indoor use.

2. Size and Portability: Do you require the scooter to be a portable one?

3. Three wheel or four wheel? Four wheels ensures more stability whereas three wheel has shorter turning circle.

4. Compliance with Australian Standards: Its important that you buy one from your local supplier who ensures that the unit complies with the strict Australian Standards for quality.

5. Warranty and Back Up Service: Like your car a scooter has to be backed up with a strong warranty and technical support. Battery is another important element in the selection.

6. Features: Do you want a Luggage carrier, a canopy, a USB Charger etc..?

7. Test Drive: You must test drive the scooter before you buy. Have more questions? Visit

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