Over 55s Movement Class the Centre Dural

Do you want to work on your fitness but don’t know where to start? Does joining a conventional gym feel too intimidating? Come join a social and judgement free environment at our over 55s movement class. Exercise is a crucial part of any person’s life, especially as we age. Not only does exercise improve our […]

Busy End of Year for Smith Brothers

Late one evening, David and Peter received a late call up to replace 2 injured riders in the Postie Bike GP Race at Cessnock. I’m not sure if anyone is aware of this meeting, but it is a race held through the back streets of Cessnock on Postie Bikes. Peter decided not to ride, but […]

Torville Humbled by State Award

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Hills Hawks 2023 Season

With summer finally in full swing, running around playing soccer is probably a long way from most people’s mind. However, it won’t be long before the new season begins and now is a great time to consider registering for your local club, the Hills Hawks. With a footballing family of more than 500 players ranging […]