Why Should You Blogging And Key Tips Of A Good Blog

You may see people comment about blogging a lot, suggesting it’s a good idea for your small business. You may be thinking it’s all too much like hard work, so why should you blog?

Blogging allows us to show our expertise, build our authority and trust with potential new clients, and delight our existing clients.

Blogs particularly when they are “how to”s are easy to find on Google. They are often front page of Google search, and if that’s where you want to be, it can be a great way to get there. Some great topical blogs from small businesses can get thousands of hits a month!

Some key tips to a good blog:
• Write on topics relevant to your clients, like questions they ask.
• Before writing, ideally do some keyword research on your topic ideas.
• The heading/title matters! Invoke curiosity and hook people in to read more.
• Aim to write at least 500 words on the topic broken down with headings and images.
• Label all your images properly and add alt tags to your website images using keywords.
• You can voice to text record your blog so you don’t actually write it initially.
• Use correct formatting to ensure Google and readers can understand the content easily.
• Have links in your blog to other blogs, products, services and general business information.

Want a more comprehensive guide to blogging? Please reach out to me or attend my upcoming Business Connect workshop 13 April 10am – 12pm online. No cost as funded by the NSW Government Business Connect program.

Jane Tweedy | 0490 102 194 Western Sydney Business Centre [email protected]

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