Upgrading Your Business Photos On A Budget

Photos as we know tell 1000 words. What 1000 words do you want your business photos to say? Poor quality photos on your business website, your social media and other channels like presentations, can cost you dearly, and make your business look cheap and tacky. Here’s some tips how to fix the problem.

Most obvious, hire a professional photographer who’s an expert at what you want doing – whether it’s lifestyle photography, product photography or headshots. Great photography can win you business, but when you simply don’t have the budget, what can you do instead?

Stock photography can be useful at times. They usually work fine to illustrate a story you’re discussing in a presentation. Paid stock images are typically higher quality and less likely to be seen everywhere. However, if you are a for instance a beautician, I don’t recommend using generic beauty shots on your website, because it’s not what people will be getting using your service. Don’t use catalogue stock photos for an ecommerce business. People can right click, do a Google image search, and find competitors offering the same product, potentially for a lower price.

The solution can be to take photos yourself. Some of you may be awesome, but if you have no idea, learn some basics, and transform your images from blah to wow! Basics like light and shadow, depth of field, composition, and some little tricks, can turn your photos around. If you want to learn more come along to a photography workshop with me and IBN Inc 15th March. Photo shot by me from ground level at Featherdale.

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IBN Inc Workshop with FAQ Business Training
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