Capturing The Holiday Spirit With Christmas Bush

Amidst the festive buzz and the approach of warm, sun-soaked days, now is the ideal moment to enhance your outdoor space with the timeless allure of the Christmas Bush. Beyond its renowned seasonal display, this iconic plant holds more charm than meets the eye.

Standing tall at heights of 3 to 5 metres, the Christmas Bush takes centre stage in any garden. Its glossy green leaves create a verdant backdrop, paving the way for the true showstopper – the vibrant red bracts, a spectacle that graces gardens from November through Christmas and into February.

Capturing The Holiday Spirit With Christmas Bush

The choice of Christmas Bush extends beyond aesthetics; it’s a pragmatic decision. This native beauty stands resilient in Sydney’s climate, demanding minimal upkeep and proving suitable for water-conserving gardens. Thriving in sunny to partly shaded spots, whether in the ground or a pot, it endures with modest watering throughout the season.

For optimal results, plant the Christmas Bush in well-drained soil, basking in sunlight for the brightest bracts or in partial shade for a subtler charm. Enhance its settling by adding compost during planting and applying mulch to deter weeds and retain moisture. Maintenance is a breeze; a light January or February pruning, post-bract display, followed by a nourishing mix of compost or manure with a hint of blood and bone.

Beyond its garden allure, the Christmas Bush transforms into a centrepiece for your dinner table. With a sharp set of secateurs, cut stems at an angle and arrange them in your favourite vase. Regular water changes can extend the festive display for up to three weeks. Make your garden the perfect backdrop for Christmas celebrations. NSW Christmas Bush is on special during December at Sydney’s Plant Market for only $25 each. Visit us at 184 Annangrove Rd, Annangrove, or explore our offerings at Happy Gardening!