Get Your Life Back With The Depression Recovery Program


There is life beyond emptiness. Are you depressed? Do you have anxiety?

There is an epidemic sweeping Australia today. 1 in 5 Australians and over 350 million people worldwide, suffer from depression and/or anxiety and, during stressful times, this disease can intensify.

Stress can come from relationship breakdown, job loss, financial distress, family or work expectations, unrealistic goals, change of schedule or eating patterns, sleep disorders, and more.

The program is offered by American Doctor, Dr Neil Nedley, MD, founder and medical director of the “Nedley Depression Anxiety Recovery Programs” and “Optimize your Brain Program”, designed to enhance emotional intelligence. He also developed a very successful 10-day residential depression recovery program for treatment of resistant depression and anxiety.

Dr. Nedley is an award winning practising physician and president of the Weimar Institute. His emphasis as a physician is in internal medicine, (gastroenterology, mental health, lifestyle medicine and the difficult-to-diagnose patient). He put together the program from research and clinical experience helping his patients for in excess of 20 years.

Find out if this program is right for you!
It is excellent for people who suffer from depression, and also for those who have family members or friends who are depressed. It focuses on brain health and what a person can do to treat depression as well as anxiety. Participants learn how to improve brain function, maximise IQ in children, increase energy, boost concentration, engage in healthy sleep habits, improve physical performance and gain renewed hope. In addition to the essential information on lifestyle and diet, you will learn what foods contain high levels of the essential nutrients that boost your mood, concentration and wellbeing.

The cure may not be as difficult as you might think. Actually just a few basic lifestyle changes can help you break free from the trap of depression. Every case is as different as each individual, but the 10 Hit categories summarize all the possible causes for depression.

Determining your causes can be as simple as taking the depression questionnaire in this program. The program is designed for all ages, including children, youth, adults, families, and the elderly. For program enquiries, or to make a booking for the next intake, phone Sheryl at 0402 004 477 or email [email protected].

The introductory program is free.
Those interested should call:
Sheryl on 0402 004 477
Email: [email protected]
Free introductory session will be held at
49 Arcadia Road, Galston.

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