HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Arcadian Quilters

We called our first meeting for 2024 with a “QUILTERS WORKSHOP” meeting.

Starting bright and early, sewing machines at the ready, we set about creating new quilt tops made from ‘potato-chip-blocks’ – our holiday-homework after our Christmas Lunch Party. 

The cute name is relevant because JUST ONE POTATO CHIP IS NEVER ENOUGH!

A young lady visitor, Ginger Choudhary, joined our meeting on Wednesday.  She is a Yr12 student from Hornsby Girls High and is keen on learning more about Patchwork.  

She’s a very welcome new friend and we hope to see more of her, school timetable permitting.

There is a lot to appreciate around us, a lot to share with friends, and many ways to stay in touch … let’s ALL do it together this year! Information: Carole 9894 7749.