Spring swim season, Clean Your Pool

With the swim season nearly here, proper maintenance and care is important to maximise your enjoyment.

Look around your pool area. Is it ready for the new season? How are the gate hinges? Does the gate self-latch itself closed without assistance? Is there any built-up debris around the base of the pumps? This promotes moisture build-up which promotes corrosion. Does the pump make any scraping, whistling, or screaming noises? Are there any signs of water leaks?

How old is the skimmer basket at the pool edge? Is it cracked and letting debris through to the pump? Is the pump basket in good order and clear of debris? Do you use timers or a salt chlorinator? Do they operate correctly? It only takes a few minutes to review the system. swim season

If you have any concerns call for some friendly advice and helpful hints; or book one of our experienced and knowledgeable pool technicians who can help ensure the right pool water quality, cleaning methods and equipment, filter maintenance, cost-effective pool chemicals and ways to improve your pool’s efficiency.

Spring swim season, Clean Your Pool

And we stock the top brands of pool chemicals, cleaners, pumps, filters, heaters, fitting, and spare parts. Call now or visit our website. We will help you get your pool just the way you want it. swim season swim season

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