Get Ready For An Exciting Summer of Sports at The Centre Dural

With outdoor Soccer and Netball heading into finals and wrapping up for the season, it’s time to look towards Summer sports.

Futsal, demanding agility, quick thinking, and precise ball control, promises non-stop action and excitement for kids and adults alike. Play during the week, keeping your weekends free. Kids games in the afternoons and Ladies, Mens and Mixed competitions during the evenings.

Netball is played using outdoor rules on full size courts, so there is no need to adjust your play, just bring your team and have fun! The faster paced “Dural 5’s” Netball format is also offered as well as Ladies Netball competition on a Wednesday morning, including a free creche!

Indoor sports offer space for improvement and growth while enjoying friendly competition. So gather your friends, form a team, get fit and get ready to experience the joy of indoor Futsal and Netball. Don’t miss out– register today and make this summer an unforgettable one for the love of sports.
The Centre, 1 Pellitt Lane Dural, 8989 0000,
[email protected]

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