Sport News at The Centre Dural – Welcome Back!

Sport News: Time flies when you’re having fun, and there is plenty to be had here at The Centre! We were full steam ahead during the school holidays, with Inflatable World, and our sport-based Holiday Clinics.

Inflatable World is always a hit with the children, and being open 7 days a week for school holidays, gives parents a chance to relax for 2 hours while the kids are getting rid of all of their excess energy on the Inflatables.

Our Holiday Clinics were a hit, with 3 hours of specific sport based fun (think soccer/netball drills, skills, and games), a movie and lunch (this holidays we watched all the Toy Story movies), followed by an afternoon of movement and brain games (scavenger hunts, movement bingo, paper aeroplane competitions, and so much more)

Our Winter sport competitions started back the week of Easter, and are off to a great start! We have Ladies and Mixed Futsal, and Ladies netball on a Monday night, Mixed netball on a Tuesday night, Mens Futsal, and Ladies netball on a Wednesday night, and Mixed and Ladies Netball on a Thursday night. If this is something that appeals to you, get in touch, as we’d love to help foster your love of our sports!

There is always something going on at The Centre, so feel free to pop on over to our website, to check out all the other things we have to offer, or phone 8989 0000. That’s all for this month!