Soroptimist International of The Hills – A Reward For Effort….

It’s a satisfying experience when occasionally we are able to give ourselves a “pat on the back” and say “well done!” which is where members of Soroptimist International of The Hills found themselves at their recent New South Wales Region Meeting held at Balgowlah Bowling Club.

It’s an opportunity to look back on the circumstances we all found ourselves in due to the COVlID-19 pandemic and accompanying isolation regulations.

With all meetings reduced to ZOOM contact only we decided that this was only a hiccup to be dealt with in a positive light so projects and activities were adapted to prevailing conditions. Guest speakers were invited to join in our online meeting and the annual Women in Service Dinner hosted online with community members invited to join in.

Our “Blankets & Beanies” initiative resulted in over 500 blankets and items of clothing being donated to local charities, sewing bees were organized to make and sell masks locally and we were among the first to be invited back to Bunnings when BBQs returned.

Fortunately for us we were able to hold our Forum “Action on Homelessness – Older Women in Crisis” just prior to the shutdown. The Forum was a resounding success with over 140 stakeholders and interested community members attending.

We were delighted when at the Region Meeting we were awarded a Best Practice Award for Economic Empowerment for this very worthwhile project for which we are still advocating.

We were also delighted to receive the President’s Award for 2020 for our activities throughout the year with special reference to our Facebook page promoting not just our own activities but supporting and referencing all campaigns for improving the lives of women and girls.

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