Showground and Carrington Roads Upgrade Complete

The transformation of a key intersection in Sydney’s north-west has been achieved with the upgraded intersection of Showground Road and Carrington Road in Castle Hill now complete.

Member for Castle Hill Ray Williams MP said the upgrade was part of a $240 million investment by the Australian and NSW Governments to fast-track 11 congestion busting projects across Sydney.

“Sydney’s north-west is one of the most dynamic and fast-growing areas in Australia, so it’s essential we deliver the infrastructure upgrades to support this growth and improve quality of life for our citizens,” Mr Williams said.

“This is a great example of Federal and State governments working together for the betterment of the community.”

Mr Williams said this upgrade was focused primarily on improving bus performance but had knock-on benefits for all road users.

“This upgrade will deliver better reliability and travel times of bus services as well as easing congestion for all motorists during peak periods,” Mr Williams said.

“These improvements will also enhance safety, cater for future growth in bus services and improve access to the Hills Showground Station.”

Busways bus driver Dale Foxley has been driving routes in this area for 21 years and finds the upgrade has made a real improvement to congestion.

“It used to be a bit of a bottleneck there in both directions, but it’s a lot better now with a bus-only lane to turn into the Metro station,” Mr Foxley said.

“It’s a lot quicker now for buses and for passengers to get to Castle Hill, and the improvements to the road will make my job a lot easier as well.”

Key elements of the upgrade include widening the north side of Showground Road to provide two eastbound through lanes and an additional right turn lane into Carrington Road.

A westbound bus lane along Showground Road has also been installed about 60 metres either side of intersection with De Clambe Drive, along with a dedicated westbound left turn lane on Showground Road into Carrington Road. The west side of Carrington Road at the approach to Showground Road has been widened to three lanes to provide two right turn lanes into Showground Road eastbound and a left turn lane into Showground Road westbound.

The intersections of Showground Road with Carrington Road and De Clambe Drive have been upgraded with new traffic islands and new traffic lights with signalised pedestrian crossings.

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