Hills Mowers Offers Satellite Controlled Robotic Mowers

Hills Mowers have moved to Unit 3, 829 Old Northern Road (the old Bike and Power premises). The entry is via Quarry Road.

With the move comes a specialisation in Kress products. Kress are leaders in robotic mowers and professional battery garden tools. This is the post-petrol range.

The new robotic mowers are satellite controlled so no more boundary wires. They can be programmed to mow to your requirements (day and night). They can cover large acreage properties with ease and can deal with uneven ground.

So no more petrol fumes and noise pollution. Take back your weekends, enjoy more family time and sit back and watch your garden being maintained automatically.

For a free demonstration and quotation, drop into to Hills Mowers and Irrigation or phone 0416 104 660 or email [email protected]