River Levels are Dropping

It’s great to see the end of the rain and some sunshine appear in the sky.

The river levels are very slowly dropping, around 3cm an hour at North Richmond, and just 1cm an hour in Windsor, Colo River is dropping by 15cm/h and the Grose at 6cm/h. These rates will start to increase over time.

Based on the 2021 flood, Windsor Bridge took over 48 hours to reopen after a peak of 12.9m. This year is nearly 1m higher, so we are probably looking at late Friday.

North Richmond took 5.5 days from the peak to open in 2021 but may take longer depending on any damage caused by the handrails having been left up and catching debris. A similar rate of reduction this year could mean it won’t reopen until Monday afternoon. Some photos around Windsor this morning from Brian Thompson.

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