Renovate in Winter to Sell in Spring


It is usually the norm for people in Australia to renovate their residential properties during winter, to sell during Spring time, traditionally the best time to sell.

When renovating for selling, only do the basics and keep to a budget. Paint the walls in conservative colours. The buyer will always repaint the walls to the colours of their choosing. New carpet will not help sell the home if the buyer plans to rip out the new carpet and prefers timber or tiled flooring.

Real estate agents inspecting the home for market appraisals, are helpful to give tips in doing the home up for marketing and selling. Just be careful also, that the agent does not try to “buy the listing” with false expectation of prices, along with false tips, such as putting in new carpet, as illustrated above.

If planning to sell a house or duplex, get the pest control inspection and treatment done. Do a check list and get all the repairs done. Booked a council garage pick up and removed all the rubbish from the garage and other areas. Bruise up the gardens, adding plants that would flower for a spring-time sale.

Make sure, the property starts to present well when selling in spring, to be clean, neat, and tidy.First Home Buyers - New Stamp Duty Rates & Rules