Prioritising Heart Health on a Budget: A REDFEB Call to Action

As we embrace REDFEB, Heart Awareness Month, this February, Heart Research Australia is dedicated to reshaping how Australians approach cardiovascular well-being without causing financial strain.

Heart disease touches the lives of 2 in 3 Australians and stands as the leading cause of death. Prioritising heart health is an investment in both personal well-being and financial stability. In the midst of escalating living expenses, allocating resources for health might seem like a luxury.

However, overlooking heart health can result in severe financial consequences, impacting wages, work capacity, career advancement, and long-term financial stability.

Prioritising Heart Health on a Budget: A REDFEB Call to Action

Knowledge plays a pivotal role in fostering a healthier heart. We invite all Australians to explore our free online Heart Hub, offering a wealth of expert advice on cultivating heart-healthy habits.

Research is a lifeline, emphasising Heart Research Australia’s steadfast support for world-class researchers. This is why we encourage all Australians to wear RED this February and, if possible, extend a helping hand by contributing to fund vital research against heart disease.

For more information on REDFEB, heart health tips, and to contribute to this critical cause, please